Film Samples




HydroScand Machine

With good cooperation we produced on a short time a number of films that in a simple way describes the operation of several of their machines.



Proven history for future success – Teaser

We produced two filmed presentations for ABB Transformers. This is the shorter version to be used when clients have a shortage of time.



Proven history for future success - Extended Version

To be able to describe a more complex company we needed to make a longer version of ABB Transformers presentation. It shows the work in different offices and factories together with commendations by satisfied customers.




This film was made as a part of the marketing of a new product for the mining industry. The film have a high energy and eye-catching effects.



Power on the move - GIS

To increase the knowledge about a new product and to show the skilled recourses in the factory, ABB in Frankfurt, Germany gave us the assignment to produce an effective and informative presentation. The movie has been extremely well received by the target group, new clients



VUBB - Exceptionally tested

This presentation was made to be exposed on a exhibition where people is constantly on the move. The message is presented with footage, graphics and effectual music.




GIA Swedvent

When GIA INDUSTRI AB got a large order in Pakistan they decided to invest in a marketing film. Besides filming in Pakistan, we also interviewed satisfied customers in Norway and Portugal. To be able to meet satisfied customers is always an enjoyment.




Earth Hour - Ludvika Kommun

Ludvika Kommun had the ideas and the script, and asked us to make the film about how the inhabitants in Ludvika can affect the climate of the entire world.




STRI choose to present their company with a film in a relaxed tempo with the message completely in subtitles. This was perfect for exhibitions and other occasions when the sound level was restricted.




MIE-LOTTE BOHL/Marketing Communication Manager, ABB
”We wanted to document all stages in the BorWin1 project in Germany, to be used in our marketing. The result turned out excellent and a German television company asked for some footage which resulted in a broadcast in the German news and a documentary that unexpectedly gave us invaluable publicity. I’m very happy that we chose to work with V-Com, who has been very flexible and always responsive to my ideas and wishes.



Nyx - Security

This film was made for the internet, to present Nyx Securitys camera operating locations. No staff was to be seen in the pictures, we solved the issue by using extras. Sensitive information on the screens was wiped out in the editing process.



TrafoSiteRepair - Time

Despite tough competition, V-Com was assigned to make a sales movie for ABB in Zürich. We chose to focus on satisfied customers all over the world and delivered the material on specially designed USB-sticks. The film became very appreciated and was launched on the front page on ABB’s global homepage.



Slip Naxos

THOMAS HENKELL, Product Manager/SlipNaxos
”We had problems explaining the qualities and functions of our products and thought a video production would be a good solution. We turned to V-Com who were attentive to our problem and delivered a film with incredibly good explanation."




ANDERS JOHNSEN, President/Tractive
“We were running short on time for a big exhibition in Germany and needed good marketing material. Within a month, V-Com produced an excellent video production in two languages. The film had a big impact and we noticed a big increase in the interest for our products.“




LARS-GÖRAN IGEL/Sales Manager, Roller Guides & Spare Parts/ Morgårdshammar
”We updated our previous marketing movie in conjunction with our 150 year anniversary when King Carl XVI Gustaf was the guest of honor. The purpose with the movie was to create a new approach. V-Com recycled 80% of the old material and filmed the rest. The result turned out better than what I had hoped for. The filmed material of the royal visit was made into a short documentary.”



The history of the movie theater in Ludvika

This is a critically acclaimed film about the rise and fall of the movie theaters in Ludvika. This movie is primarily about Ludvika but similar tendencies could be seen all over the country. Ludvika Community ordered the film to show on the inauguration of Ludvika’s new movie theater.